How to bet on football?

How to bet on football?

How to bet on football? There are literally hundreds of bets available for most games, especially if they belong to an important competition as Premier League or Bundesliga. Do you want a piece of the cake?

Bet on the winner (1X2):

This market is usually shown first, either at the top or just below any special or super quota offer. To bet, you simply need to mark, as the final result of the match, one of these three possibilities: local victory, draw or visitor victory.

In this market, any quota below 2 represents the favorite team to take the contest. The lower the favorite quota, the higher the quota of the other team, due to the direct relationship between the odds of each result.

How to bet on football?
Bet on football

When one team is a favorite, the other usually has odds of 3/1 (4). Of course, when the victory of one of the teams is taken for granted, the other has much higher odds. In the most even matches, both teams can present high and almost equal victory odds.

On the other hand, the odds to tie are almost always located in 2/1 (3) and 3/1 (4), except in unequal matches. The probability that the favorite does not win is very low.

Both teams score:

This market has become very popular in recent years, with lots of fans eager to take advantage of games with many goals. It is much simpler than the 1X2 market since there are only two possible options here: Yes or No.

It is a very interesting type of bet, as it is more unpredictable than the result. This is reflected in the available quotas, between 4/6 (1.66) and 6/4 (2.5) most of the time. It is very difficult to find quotas of less than 1/2 (1.5) or greater than 2/1 (3).

How to bet on football?First Scorer:

This is another of the most attractive bets, which offers a good return with a small investment, although the odds are not as high as the correct score.

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