How many games in MLS season?

How many games in MLS season?

Are you thinking to play MLS betting and want to know how many games in MLS season, Right? Let us find out here in the following.

Major League Soccer (MLS) is the top division in US and Canadian football. The MLS is an independent organization but is recognizing by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). Its similar organized as other top leagues as MLB, NHL, NFL. The league assigns to the North and Central American continental association CONCACAF, for whose competitions the teams can qualify.

How many games in MLS season?

In the 2020 season, 26 teams will take part, 23 from the USA and three from Canada. A season lasts from March to December and starts with the regular season, in which each team plays 34 games.

The most successful team wins the MLS Supporters Shield. The 14 best teams in the league then host the MLS Cup Playoffs. In the knockout system, it is determining who ultimately wins the championship title and thus the MLS Cup. Due to the franchise system, no ascents and descents are possible.

How many games in MLS season
Games in MLS season

Format of MLS:

The league starts with the regular season. The 24 teams divide into the Eastern Conference and Western Conference. Each team plays 34 games (17 home games and 17 away games) according to an asymmetrical schedule:

– There will be a first and second leg against each team of the own conference.

– A game plays against each team of the other conference (5 or 6 home games).

– There are 3 games played against randomly drawn teams from their conference, with a team from the Western Conference.They play against a team from the Eastern Conference due to the odd number of participants. In the draw, the home right is considered so that in the end each team has played 17 home games.

– At the end of the regular season, the team with the highest total points receives the MLS Supporters’Shield.

The top six teams from each conference qualify for the MLS Cup Playoffs to determine the MLS Cup winner. The playoffs will take place in four rounds. The first 3 rounds remain conference internal.Only in the last round, the MLS Cup final, teams from the two conferences meet.

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