What is h2h betting

What is h2h?

What is h2h? If you love football, you are not alone. The world’s favorite sport follows by millions of people. There are hundreds of leagues and other competitions to follow throughout the year.

It should not be surprising then, that bitcoin soccer betting is also popular all over the world. Football punters are always looking for different ways to take advantage of their knowledge of this beautiful game.

If you are in the world of soccer betting, you should know about h2h betting.

What is h2h?
h2h – Head to Head Bet

Introducing H2H (Heads to Head) betting:

The traditional method of online betting is that of the winner’s market of the match, which offers the known results of home win, away win, or draw. This is where rookie gamblers start, and the most popular way of betting remains, but this means that there are other sources of potential gain that can overlook. The Head to Head market, also known as Draw No Bet, is an area that offers an advantage to punters who know football. So on example if we have event Barcelona vs Real Madrid then we have to choose between Barcelona or Real Madrid victory.

Head to Head (H2H):

Win the bet if you hit the best athlete between two participants. The winner is the athlete/country that obtains a better test result. If one of the athletes/countries disqualify or does not finish the test for any reason, the other athlete/country will be considered the winner.

Forget the tie:

One of the most difficult parts of football betting is to calculate the odds of a draw. Trying to know which team is the favorite and which team you think will win is quite simple, but the draw always complicates things. Head to Head eliminates that difficult question of the equation by suppressing the tie completely, offering you two options – win at home or win outside. In the case of a tie, punters simply receive their initial bet back.

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