How does football betting work?

How does football betting work?

How does football betting work? Bitcoin football betting is probably the most popular. The reason is very easy to explain – it is about the king, the most followed and played sport in the world. And of course, that has a clear reflection on the bets.

But precisely for that reason, in football, many bets and markets allow betting on things other than 1X2, although this is the most important.

Types of Soccer Betting:


It is the main alternative in betting on team matches, not only football but also other sports such as basketball, handball, rugby, etc.

The bettor must choose between three options:

– The victory of the home team (1)

– The tie (X)

– The triumph of the visitor (2)

Normally, the bet is valid within the statutory time (90 minutes). However, there are also variables in case a match ends in extra time, penalties or is deciding at the time of discount.

How does football betting work?
Football Betting

How does football betting work? Exact result:

It is a variant of the winner of the match. Markets not only offer the choice to the winner, but also the exact result. On the corresponding page, they show a list of possible results that range from a minimum victory to a win.

Double chance:

The bettor/player will have to choose two options of three: tie (X), local win (1) or visitor (2). It can be a profitable bet if it perceives that the team that has fewer chances can win because the odds of the very favorite teams are low.

Rest / final result:

The first thing we should say is that this is a complicated option to hit. Bookmakers offer different combinations to choose from:

– For example, if there is a tie at rest and one of the two clubs wins at the end,

– If one goes back in the second period or vice versa,

– Or if a team gets an advantage in the first part and keeps it at the end of the game.

A number of Over / Under goals:

Over/under one of the classic bets in football. It is very common because the chances of winning increase depending on the knowledge about the teams participating in a match or event.

It is about guessing the total number of goals in a match. If there will be between zero and two goals, more than two or three goals, etc.

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