How Boxing betting works?

How Boxing betting works?

How Boxing betting works? One of the sports disciplines with the longest history in betting is definitely boxing. Since many bets that were made at the end of the 19th century included this activity. 

Of course, times have changed and new technologies now allow sports betting bitcoin and in a much more comfortable way. 

Different types of betting in Boxing:

In order to understand how to bet on boxing online, it is necessary that you know the terminology that handles this great discipline. Otherwise, you may have confusion with some things and you may not be able to make your plays the way you want. You should also know that like many other sports, there are different types of bets in boxing.

How Boxing betting works?
Boxing Betting

Winner or amount of rounds:

The most popular way to bet of course is the winner of the match. Here the boxing betting houses will give you the different odds that you should know in order to make a much more appropriate bet. 

The same is true for the number of rounds in a fight, as there are different types of bouts. To give an example, the standard ones are 10 rounds, while the title fights are 12, and the Olympic boxing fights are only 3. Of course, each round handle with the same amount of time, which is three minutes.

Other ways How Boxing betting works:

In addition to all this, there are many other options that may seem interesting to you. To start, we have to talk about the knockout (KO) where a boxer defeats others after knocking him unconscious on the canvas.

The technical knockout (TKO) where the referee decides to stop the fight if one of the opponents cannot continue during the fight. The decision (D) where the match is decided by the points that the judges mark. 

On the other hand, we also have the technical decision (TD) where the judges administer the points after the injury of an opponent. Finally, we have the disqualification (DQ) where one of the boxers is simply disqualified.

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