What does Parlay mean in betting?

What does Parlay mean in betting?

What does Parlay mean in betting? A Parlay is undoubtedly one of the most popular modalities in the world of sport betting bitcoin.

When you read on social media that a player is carrying a Parlay on his card, you may not understand exactly what it means. Well, we inform you that this term is simpler than you think: Combined bet or the famous “combi”.

Here are some tips for you to better understand the Parlay:

– The Parlay is when you bet on two or more matches on the same card.

– Usually, these bets are playing with small amounts and with a low risky stake, since if a single forecast fails, the entire book is canceled.

– In order for you to win a Parlay you have to hit every forecast you made otherwise absolutely, you lose.

What does Parlay mean in betting?
Parlay meaning in betting

The famous “combi”:

– If one of the events you bet were to suspend for any reason, the profit will drop. Since it will calculate without the factor of that match. However, the forecast will remain alive.

– Note that each bookmaker has a maximum of events to bet on a Parlay or combined. For example, at Bet365 you can only aim for 14 matches in a card.

What does Parlay mean in betting?How to calculate the Parlay?

The bookmakers provide various ways of calculating. However, the simplest is where you only have to multiply the factors of the matches you bet and that will give you the final factor that will pay you.

An example: betting on Barcelona (1.22) and Real Madrid (1.33) on the same card. You must multiply each quota and that will give you a factor of 1.62 for the two games.

Then, that 1.62 you multiply again by the dollars that you are going to put and ready, you have your combined.

It is recommended to combine low and similar odds, because if you add a very high the probability of losing increases dramatically.

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