What is 1x2 Betting

What is 1×2 Betting?

What is 1×2 Betting? If you are planning to jump in Online Sports Betting Bitcoin, you should know about what is 1×2 betting.

Know about 1×2 betting:

Three-way bets are also popular as 1X2 bets. This type of bet is offering in a classic way for all game forms and arguments, where three results are possible in the end.

As a rule, you can either bet on the victory of the home team, a draw, or the success of the guests.

The number 1 stands for the home team or the host, the X symbolizes a draw. The odds offered at the 2nd digit represent an away win. The odds on three-way bets are simply to reflect the odds for each of the three possible end results.

In addition to the classic 1X2 bet, this type of bet is also often used in handicap bets where a draw is possible. In handicap betting, the outsider gets a fictitious lead in the game by one or more goals in football betting. Or points in sports such as basketball or American football.

One reason why this type of bet is so popular is due in part to tradition. Many betting fans have encountered this form of betting permanently over the years.

What is 1x2 Betting?
1×2 Betting

What sports are 1X2 bets for?

1X2 implies that there must be 3 different game outputs. This eliminates sports such as tennis or Formula 1 where h2h is main market. Classic 3-way betting can be found in soccer or handball.


1X2 is rightly one of the classics among sports betting, but it is not necessarily the best choice for beginners to start typing. Given the three possible outcomes, there is only a 33.3% chance of winning. For newbies, a 2-way bet is, therefore, more suitable to increase the chance of winning to 50%.

With knockout games, however, make sure that 1X2 only applies to regular playing time. The result scores after 90 minutes. If you are afraid to take the risk, keep an eye out for the betting market “Who gets ahead”. Your tip also works here if a team wins in extra time or a penalty shoot-out.

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