What does -2 mean in Football Betting?

What does -2 mean in Football Betting?

What does -2 mean in Football Betting? With the Plus / Minus system, you will have at your disposal a variety of tips to play in the different sports disciplines of your bitcoin sportsbook.

What is the over / under bets?

The plus/minus bets give you infinite possibilities when it comes to playing. Since they consist of betting a certain amount of money. From a certain number, more or fewer actions will take place. 

That is to say, a bet of this type could consist. For example, in betting that in a certain football match, more -or less- 2.5 goals will score. You can find bets of this type concerning the number of fouls, corners, throws. Also all kinds of actions that can carry out in the game or sporting event you are betting on.

What does -2 mean in Football Betting
-2 mean in Football Betting

What does -2 mean in Football Betting? Decimals in plus / minus bets:

The reason decimals use in this class of bets is so as not to create any confusion between bettors, so there is no possibility of a bet being returned. 

There is a different modality called Asian, in which the quantity is exact. In this way, if the number of shares of the bet is neither below nor above this amount, the money of the bet returns. 

That is, if the bet is plus/minus 2.0 goals and 2 goals score in the match, then your money will return. 


The good thing about this type of betting is that you can make them by looking at the statistics and the odds of several actions taking place. It is not necessary to analyze a specific event, even if it never hurts. Find more about sporsbetting here.

It is more useful to look at the general statistics that affect the competition. Therefore, if you repeat these types of bets continuously based on pure statistics, it is 100% sure that you get more profits than losses.

So, you may be interested in making a certain bet more / less every day to obtain a sure profit at the end of the championship. Be careful because if you make a combined bet, other results will affect your win.

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