What does AFL stand for?

What does AFL stand for?

What does AFL stand for? Are you going to play bitcoin football betting and having no idea what does AFL stands for? Let us find out here:

What does AFL stand for?

Australian Football League (AFL) takes place in the oceanic country between the months of March and September. AFL has18 teams, facing each other in a regular league.  

When it was created?

The AFL was created in 1897 when 8 football association teams from the state of Victoria created the Victorian Football League (VFL). 

This league has 18 teams spread over 5 of Australia’s 6 states. The team with the best records after the home and away series awards the “Minor Premiership”. The top 8 teams then play off in 4-round finals series. That is culminating in the AFL Grand Finale that is held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground every year.

What does AFL stand for?
AFL – Australian Football League

What does AFL stand for? AFL rules overview:

The team that scores the most points wins the game. The match considers drawing if points are equal. The game divides into 4 quarters of 20 minutes playing time. It keeps on the field by the umpires. If the play delays unduly, such as the ball goes out of the field, time adds on to the playing time of the quarter as it is in football. This refers to as “Time On”. The team changes end at the end of every quarter.

Maximum intervals of minutes allow between the first and second quarters for the teams to change ends. Also, 5 minutes allow between the third and fourth quarters.

Half-time is a maximum of 20-minutes long with players allowed to leave the field for not over 15 minutes.

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