How to get a Bitcoin wallet?

How to get a bitcoin wallet? Bitcoins have not yet reached the mainstream, but experts are already in agreement that this new currency will be the beginning of our future. The attractive Bitcoin course already tempts you to take a closer look at this currency and all the possibilities around the Bitcoins.

But as with all innovations, you have to think a little bit about bitcoins to understand everything. To make this entry a little easier, some terms have been adapted to the terms of “normal” money management, even if they are different in their implementation. One term that you come across quite quickly in connection with bitcoins is the waller. But what exactly is behind this wallet for bitcoins and how to get one?

How to get a Bitcoin wallet?

The bitcoin Wallet facilitates the handling of the currency and can compare to the classic wallet due to its ordering function. The decisive difference between the classic and the bitcoin is that, similar to the currency.

The wallet does not require a physical item but is also digital. Each wallet is basically a single set of characters. The composition of the characters in the order of the wallet is individual and additionally protected with a password.

Your personal credit is saved in the wallet. It manages your individual keys, which you, in turn, need to access its Bitcoin address. You can only receive or send bitcoins as a user via this address.

Only with, this key can your different transactions authorize by you. Basically, the wallet does not contain your Bitcoins, but your key to using them. Rather, it is the digital equivalent for a locker, with its access to your Bitcoin account.

What are the options for a Bitcoin wallet in general?

A Bitcoin wallet can back up by you like any file by a copy in external memory. Especially with a Bitcoin wallet with a large balance, it is recommended to save it offline with a backup.

But what are the options for a Bitcoin wallet in general? In the following we present the different types of this special Bitcoin account with their special features:

– Desktop wallet

– Mobile wallet

– Online wallet

– Hardware wallet

– Paper wallet.

How to get a Bitcoin wallet?
Bitcoin Wallet

Ways of Creating a Wallet:

1. Bitcoin desktop wallet:

This is currently the most used bitcoin wallet. However, many users may not be aware that they are using a bitcoin desktop wallet. With most original Bitcoin clients, this was automatically included. They generate a Bitcoin address under which you can receive and send Bitcoins and automatically store the corresponding key for this address.

2. Bitcoin mobile wallet:

The Bitcoin Mobile Wallets are the fast digital wallets and can use particularly flexibly. For this, you have to install an appropriate app on your smartphone.

This app then keeps the keys to your personal Bitcoin account and allows you to access it anytime on the go. The data manages directly on your mobile device and is therefore individually backed up.

3. Bitcoin online wallet:

The Bitcoin Online Wallet is a web-based wallet. The individual key for access for all transactions storeonline on a server. This server is in turn managed by an external party. The entire process is anonymous and no further user data stores.

A clear advantage of the online casino bitcoin wallet is the availability of this bitcoin account from anywhere with an internet connection. In this way, transactions with Bitcoins are extremely convenient to make worldwide and every attractive Bitcoin course can be used directly.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

But the Bitcoin online wallets also have a disadvantage. The keys manage by an external company and you have to trust them to do the backup correctly.

You cannot check whether sufficient security measures have been taken and whether the data is regularly backed up externally in order to compensate for data loss due to failures and the like.

Especially with a well-filled BItcoin account, it can also unsettle you as the owner that the external company, like a bank, basically has control over your Bitcoin assets.

At this point, too, trust from you for the use of this online wallet is required. However, there are also global bitcoin exchanges with the major providers, which also function as a platform and wallet. If you are interested, it is worth taking a closer look at this area.

How to get a Bitcoin wallet?
Get a Bitcoin wallet

4. Bitcoin Hardware Wallet:

A Bitcoin hardware wallet has so far been used by a few users because it basically takes the processes away from simple online trading.

With this, the private keys store by the user on external hardware. For example, this can be a USB stick that the user keeps with him.

In this way, you as a user have permanent control over your access and do not have to trust any external company. At the same time, with your hardware wallet, you lose the option of spontaneously using a good bitcoin course for a transaction.

5. Bitcoin Paper Wallet:

The Bitcoin Paper Wallet is a slightly different and very popular method. With it, the bitcoins are kept safe and cheap. The two QR codes for the Bitcoin account are printed on paper.

The first QR code enables you as a user to receive bitcoins at a public address. With the other QR code, you can both store and send Bitcoin. There are different providers for the paper wallet, who create the required bitcoin address and print out the two QR codes on paper.