What is the Moneyline in betting?

What is the Moneyline in betting? If you are interested in the world of bitcoin sports betting, you should know all the terms that use to be aware of what is happening. Here, we will help you become a winning player by explaining what it is and when the Money Line uses.

What is the Moneyline in betting?

Money Line is the term uses to refer to the winner of a competition, be it a football, tennis, e-sports or motorcycle racing game.

It is normal to find these markets as ‘1X2’ in events where there are 3 possible outcomes. The victory of team 1, draw or victory of team 2 or as ‘12’ in markets with no possibility of a draw such as a tennis, volleyball, etc. The money line, therefore, refers to the market winner of an event.

The Money Line in the US:

In the United States, the ‘American Odds’ or American quotas use. It is a positive or negative number that tells you how much money you have to bet to win 100 units or how much you will win if you bet 100 units.

We will understand better with an example in which we bet 100 dollars. The Chicago Bulls play against the Boston Celtics in an NBA game. Quotas say the following: Chicago Bulls + 80, Boston Celtics – 100. There is always a positive and a negative figure.

The positive quota tells us that betting on the NBA 100 dollars to the Bulls will get 80 profit. That is to say, it is as if we bet on a 1.80 fee in the UK. On the contrary, the negative quota tells us that to win 100 dollars we have to bet another 100. In the UK, it would be a quota 2.

Therefore, with the American quota system, the Money Line offers 2 figures, one positive and one negative. The positive designates how much we will win by betting 100 units, while the negative, how much we have to risk to get 100 units of profit.

What is the Moneyline in betting?
MoneyLine Betting

No handicaps or Advantages:

The bets on Money Line or the winner of an event are just that, the winner. Therefore, they do not include the possible handicaps that are given to the teams. Or the advantages to goals, points or games that we usually see in football, basketball or tennis matches.

When we bet on the Money Line, we are making it to the winner of the competition in which we risk the money, so we are only interested in that result. 

Let’s take an example with a Premier League match. If we bet on the Money Line market in favor of Liverpool against Manchester United, we are betting that Jurgen Klopp’s team will be the winner of their match. 

The only thing that matters to us there is the final result of the ‘1X2’ market if there is a Liverpool victory. Our bet is a winner and we do not care if the victory is produced by 1 goal, 2 or more.

Remember that to make any bet it is very important to have all the information available about the event you are going to bet on. It doesn’t matter if the market is to Money Line or winner, to any handicap or to individual performances. 

What we should know is that when we put our money at stake and we are risking an amount we do it because we have compelling reasons that support our pick or forecast.

The Money Line method:

The Moneyline system relates the stake with the benefit to be obtaining instead of with the prize. It clearly identifies the most probable (favorite) result with the least probable (underdog) by means of signs of value precedence.

That is, Moneyline bets make it easy for us to identify what we bet with what we win, although the calculation of the probability is more difficult.

The money line system defines the type of quota standard in the United States for professional leagues, such as football (NFL), basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB) or ice hockey (NHL). And by extension, it is frequently used in much of America for these sports, especially for baseball bets.

What is the Moneyline in betting?
Moneyline in Betting

What is the Moneyline in betting? Conclusion:

This betting system avoids the stress that having to be constantly calculating to know how much we win or invest, which simplifies the work at the time of betting.

However, setting the implied probability forces us to go through the decimal value. For many simple bets, it may not be necessary, and it is enough with our intuition to have an approximate idea. So it can be more pleasant to use for many players once they are accustoming to Moneyline.

Luckily, many online betting houses offer the possibility of showing the odds in any system. So that work of moving from the American system to the decimal or vice versa will be in charge of the computer.

The problem with the Moneyline is when we want to make a combined bet (Parlay). When it comes to knowing the implied probability and the gains and losses, where there will be no other option but to transform the figures into European or decimal shares.

And from there, calculate the equivalent quota to transform the figure back into an American figure. It is something that can master with a little skill with numbers and practice. But this is something that is also needed in the betting world.

We are sure, now you know what the Money Line is and how to use this term in sports betting.